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 Igleheart designed the Zion Thomas Bow Tie to raise funds for the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. This bow tie is only $35.00 and $10.00 from every sell will be donated back to the new children’s hospital fund. Purchase a bow tie today and help kids like Zion!
                       —Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
You’ve heard of Carolina Cotton Ties before, just by a different name. Add back a bow and it becomes Carolina Cotton Bow Ties. But Carolina Cotton just added new neckties to its products offerings,
Great Lakes Prep
Trends may come and go, but here in Charleston, the bow tie never falls out of style. Lowcountry gentlemen began donning the accessory in the mid-1800s, when it gained popularity around the country as a new take on the necktie
Charleston Magazine
Bow ties are so dapper, and I feel like when a man wears one, there’s just a certain air about him.  My boyfriend wears a bow tie almost every day, and it just adds a little touch of class to any look.
A Little Seersucker Sass
Part of the Carolina Cotton Fall Collection, the Blue and White Plaid is a go-anywhere bow tie with a healthy dose of plaid. The fall palette resides on 100% cotton and is handmade in the USA.
—Great Lakes Prep
Davidson shout-outs abound on Carolina Cotton Bow Ties, a business site devoted to fashion aficionados fond of affixing bow ties below stylish chins. “The Davidson Gentleman” bow tie is so named—or re-named, as it turns out—because of a recent order by a Davidson parent
Each bow tie is sewed with a personal touch, made with materials purchased at the local level. Whether it’s the rich blue color or the nautical theme that stands out with the Meridian, it captures the summer feeling.
—Bow Tie Mondays
For those gents who rock colored chino pants, this bow tie can be worn in both the summer and winter months…just match it with a pair of red chinos in the winter, or a pair of light pink/green in the winter.
—Preppy in Pittsburgh
After arriving at the party I did not feel a bit out of place. In fact, I received more compliments than I did funny looks. The bow tie was very comfortable and unlike a long tie I barely noticed that I was wearing it.
—Trad | Ivy | Preppy Blog
The blues and greens that make up the plaid pattern are perfect for the season. Unlike many plaid bow ties, the Evergreen is not cut on the bias, so it’s pattern runs horizontally and vertically instead of diagonally.
—Great Lakes Prep
A bow tie is a coded signal. It lets other men that wear bow ties (eve though they might not be wearing one at that moment) that you are in the know. He’ll know that y’all are both members of the same unspoken club, that the two of you have more in common than most, even if everything else is seemingly different.
—Seersucker and Sazeracs
I am excited to bring to everyone a great new brand, Carolina Cotton Bow Ties! It is a mother and son team that hand makes all of the bow ties. They even offer non-cotton too! I really love the fact that they create all of their bow ties in North Carolina. This is a feature that adds that special touch to any occasion! I have picked a few of my favorites to share, but be sure to visit their website for all of their great options!
—Cincinnati Prep
Based in Winston-Salem, Carolina Cotton Bowties is a young up-and-coming company that creates some very good-looking bowties. Started in 2011, their main belief at Carolina Cotton Bowties is that cotton just makes a better bow. I might have to agree…after all, it washes well without having to send it to be cared for after that nasty shrimp dip incident at your cousin’s wedding last month.
—Panhandle Prep
There’s a lot of folks getting into the bow tie business these days, but thats not a complaint. I applaude the ingenuity, and I’m glad to see that of all things bow ties are profitable enough for more and more people to get into it. Carolina Cotton Bow Ties is a mother and son outfit. Ethan and his mom CJ buy all the fabrics and produce all the ties by hand themselves. Not a bad deal at $35 retail.
—An Affordable Wardrobe
Currently a two person mother and son operation, Carolina Cotton Bow Ties specializes in handcrafted made in the USA bow ties and while a good majority are cotton, quite a few other materials like linen, wool and rayon make an appearance in the “Not Cotton” line. Ethan graciously sent over a Southern Plaid Bow Tie ($35) for me to review and to give away to one lucky reader. The Southern Plaid is a beautiful bow tie cut in a classic butterfly shape. The red, white, blue and yellow combine into an aesthetically pleasing plaid pattern that is surprisingly neutral enough to work at any point of the year. It’s not overly bright to rule out winter wear but it’s also not overly muted to rule out summer wear. The cotton is quite substantial and thicker than other cotton bow ties I own. This makes it an exceptional cotton bow tie for the winter months when you would normally want to switch to a thicker fabric like silk or wool.
—Great Lakes Prep
Inspired by his grandmother, Carolina Cotton Bow Ties creator Ethan Ingleheart models his patterns after her ties, as she has made bow ties for he and his father for years. All of the bow ties offered by Carolina Cotton Bow Ties are hand sown by Ethan himself. Carolina Cotton Bow Ties is a locally owned business that uses fabrics and materials that are produced and sold locally in Winston- Salem, NC.In addition to the excellent selection of ties offered on their site, they also excel at creating custom bow ties for their customers.
—Webster Style Magazine