CCT Cares is about giving back to the community. We have partnered with these three charities in which we have a personal connection. The heartwarming and positive effects our donated bow ties have created fuels our desire to give back and help others in need. Read on about these wonderful charities….

CCT Care for the cause is about giving back to the community. September 8-21st, we have partnered with three amazing charities in which we have a personal connection to raise funds and awareness. We’re giving back $10 for each tie sold. Not just our special CCT Cares collection, but all bow ties and neck ties on our site.

MUSC Children’s Hospital and 2016-17 South Carolina Champion

MUSC has learned a lot about caring for children over the last 28 years.Kids heal better when they have the most talented doctors and caregivers, working in the most advanced environment possible.But MUSC has also learned that children heal better when they feel safe, happy and secure, surrounded by the people who love them.The new children’s hospital is being built from the ground up with exactly these things in mind.

About Zion Thomas

Zion can capture attention with his trademark smile. With a constantly positive attitude — even when in excruciating pain from the sickle cell disease he bravely battles — he lights up the room with his warm personality.

Affectionately known by his friends and neighbors as “the Mayor,” Zion experiences ongoing episodes of sickle cell crisis, causing him to be hospitalized for IV pain management and IV fluids. It’s while he is undergoing these treatments that his true colors show through the most. The hospital staff and fellow patients often remark how his optimistic attitude rarely waivers.

Zion has a service-focused heart, finding joy through supporting his hospital’s fundraisers and going door-to-door in his neighborhood, in search of someone needing help with chores so he can donate his time.

Zion knows this is a life-long condition and works to make the best of it, armed with a better perspective than most on where true happiness begins..

CAP Foundation

We are the CAP Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) the leading organization of board-certified pathologists. We provide pathologist-led, life-saving cervical and breast cancer screening to underserved women in the US. Our grant and award opportunities prepare pathology residents and fellows to meet medicine’s challenges, to enhance their training in laboratory quality, applied technology, science, and research..

The CAP Foundation’s See, Test & Treat® grant supports our flagship program, which offers free cervical and breast cancer screening, with same day results, to women in need. Volunteer pathologists partner with a clinical care team, provide screening and results to women. Additionally, attendees and their families receive health-focused education..

CARE for Animals

CARE’s mission is to conduct animal rescue by providing medical care to and placing animals facing impending euthanasia into foster and permanent homes, to increase awareness for the need to sterilize pets to reduce overpopulation, and to work with and advise animal shelters in Central Arkansas on animal-welfare issues.

Created in 1998, CARE has grown from an initial group of four volunteers into an organization with three employees and hundreds of volunteers who devote thousands of hours to its rescue/adoption and spay/neuter efforts and to recruit the necessary financial support.CARE is a 501(c)(3) Arkansas nonprofit corporation and a charitable organization fully funded by donations.All donations are tax-deductible.CARE’s headquarters/gift shop is located at 5516 Kavanaugh Boulevard, Little Rock (in the Heights Business District).

Our spay/neuter effort has helped over 11,000 pets! CARE’s “Paws In the Clinic” offers low-cost sterilization surgery for cats and dogs who are owned by qualifying low-income families.For people who do not qualify for the clinic, vouchers are available for use in obtaining discounted spay/neuter services at designated veterinary clinics across the state..